Washing Machine Repair

Get a clean start with washing machine repair today.

Anytime your washing machine breaks down; it is an inconvenience, to say the least. A broken machine makes starting and finishing laundry almost impossible. In a perfect world, any problems would be fixed right there on the spot.

For immediate and thorough washing machine repair in Vancouver, you need not look any further than the team of technicians at Ash Appliances Repair.

Since opening in 2016, we have quickly established ourselves as one of the elite names in the industry. Our expertise is not limited to one model or brand, though, as the following list of affiliates will show you.

Heavy duty refurbishing to a Miele washing machine.
New bearings, suspension, hoses and gaskets.
That’s how clean job looks like.

Samsung Washing Machine repair

Constantly upgraded technology and modern designs have become the modus operandi for Samsung washing machines. The features from steam to active water jets are designed to make laundry fast and easy. A visit to their website will even reveal the bold headline, “Washers that will make doing the laundry your favorite chore.”

While Samsung is continually pushing the bar for washing machines higher, the key to its convenience is smooth functioning features. A control panel that doesn’t work or a drum that doesn’t wash is pointless. Fortunately, Ash Appliances Repair is ready for when your washing machine displays a glitch.

Our technicians are experts when it comes to Samsung washing machine repair in Vancouver. Each person on our staff receives specialized training to understand and repair all Samsung home and kitchen appliances. That means your washing machine repairs with us are superb.

Details of household automatic washing machine, isolated on white background.

LG Washing Machine repair

Modern life is busy, overwhelming, and hectic. LG makes things simple with their easy to use washing machines that keep laundry from feeling like a chore. Plus, they offer handy features like Twinwash, SideKick Pedestal, and front and top load capabilities. Life won’t be any simpler though if your washing machine is not working correctly. Ash Appliances Repair can restore that tranquility when your clothes come out too wet or smelling funny. No matter the make or model of your device, we have the insight and experience to fix it.

Our industry-leading services are thanks to, in large part, our unparalleled knowledge. We understand how LG products work because we partner with them to repair and support their products. So, when you need a quick washing machine repair in Vancouver, Ash Appliances Repair is who you call.

whirlpool Washing Machine repair

Top load. Front load. Stackable. All-in-one. Those are just a few of the options available among Whirlpool washing machine.

There are even features that allow you to skip adding detergents as the device holds enough for forty loads.

Whirlpool distinguishes itself with features that take the hassle out of doing laundry. Of course, it can only take out the trouble if all those features work correctly. If you notice a leak, excessive detergent, or poor door sealing, contact Ash Appliances Repair for a full work up.

We can fix all those problems. Plus, each technician is specially trained to know how to repair different makes and models of Whirlpool washing machines. Ash Appliances Repair does quality washing machine repair in Vancouver and the United States.


KitchenAid Washing Machine repair

KitchenAid is known for making premium washing machines. As of 2019 though, the company has stopped manufacturing them. This fact means repairing a faulty KitchenAid washer may seem like an impossible task.

That is where Ash Appliances Repair comes in. One of the things that make us unique is our dedication to using authentic machine parts. Even if you have a washing machine with an expired warranty, we will find and use an original part.

This dedication extends to KitchenAid and their defunct washing machines. Our team leverages a strong relationship with KitchenAid to get our customers the parts they need for any repairs. The result is a superior repair, every time.

Frigidaire Washing Machine repair

Not all washing machines are made equal. Frigidaire strives to offer the most efficient washers amongst its competitors. That is possible in part because of their high efficiency, space, and speed.

Odds are you do not revel in the opportunity to do laundry. If you do own a Frigidaire washing machine, the size and effectiveness of the model were probably selling points. Make sure the quality lasts, year in and year out, with repairs and maintenance from Ash Appliances Repair.

Our technicians can restore your washing machine to its original potency. The washing process will be as easy as ever in as little as a few minutes. That way, you can spend less time in the laundry room and more time doing what matters.

GE Washing Machine repair

Getting the most out of your laundry days is the ethos behind GE’s washing machines. Each make and model offers customizable features for easy use and control. That includes automatic detergent dispensers and an app that tracks your washing and drying cycles.

It is hard to maximize a product’s potential, though if it needs repairs. Keep your washing machine repair in Vancouver on point with Ash Appliances Repair. Our staff solves all technical problems, whether you own a new unit or a classic one.

Warranty or not, we can still find the parts you need to restore your washing machine. This above and beyond effort is just one of the many ways we ensure customer satisfaction. Discover the difference Ash Appliances Repair can make to you today.

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