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Dryer Repair

Do not let your dryer be a wet blanket.

Any tumble dryer will get the job done at some point, but it’s optimal efficiency that captures our imagination. 

Wasting your time and money on a malfunctioning product doesn’t make sense when there are so many options out there. Luckily, there is a solution—call Ash Appliances Repair to the rescue.

There are many ways a dryer can malfunction, and these delays may crop up at the most inconvenient times. You may be experiencing damp clothes, susceptible wiring, or a broken drum barrel, among other things. 

If these problems sound familiar, then it is time to turn to the best dryer repair in Vancouver: Ash Appliances Repair.

You might know Samsung for their phones and other portable electronics, but nifty devices are not their only talent. The corporate giant has made a sizeable splash in the dryer industry in recent years. They are so confident in their product that their website was even bold enough to make the ludicrous claim, “Our 2019 dryers will make you excited about laundry day.”

Samsung dryers are renowned for implementing cutting edge technology. Their dryers are no exception to this with some impressive features across the board. Some of their prominent features include Steam Sanitize+, which kills 99.9% germs and bacteria, as well as Sensor Dry, to accurately gauge the dampness of your clothes.

These features are probably part of the reason why you bought a Samsung dryer. It helps when they are also functioning correctly. That is why the technicians at Ash Appliances Repair will repair, restore, and replace faulty parts if you experience a lapse in quality.

LG does more with less. Their dryers have ample space and powerful internal components to get your favorite clothes dry faster. That way you can focus on more important things than spending more time near the dryer.

As of 2019, LG had nearly fifty different dryers available for this purpose. Regardless of which make or model you buy, though, Ash Appliances Repair can fix it in times of disrepair. Strange sounds and slow drying times will be a thing of the past.

Our dryer repair in Vancouver is world-class because we work directly with LG. We use only authentic LG parts to guarantee like-new quality. Best of all, our team will fix your dryer regardless of whether it still under a warranty.

Whirlpool is doing things its competitors are not. Most notably is the success of its Smart All-in-One Washer and Dryer. You read that right—no more transferring clothes between machines.

Of course, you need a properly functioning machine to take advantage of this quantum leap in laundry cleaning convenience. That, as well as the features like EcoBoost and AccuDry. Get your laundry day back on track with dryer repair in Vancouver from Ash Appliances Repair.

We specialize in servicing Whirlpool dryers. Our technicians even have the certifications to prove it. When you need to stop a leak or reheat, we have you covered.

KitchenAid dryers are a staple in homes across Canada. Their spacious capacities and vigorous drying technology are evident in the hundreds of different makes and models. Repairing one can be tricky, though.

That is because KitchenAid stopped making dryers. Have no fear there. Ash Appliances Repair can still fix your dryer if it is on the fritz.

We have maintained a strong working relationship KitchenAid and can get you the new parts you need, even if the warranty is long since expired. Our comprehensive experience is one of the reasons Canadians choose us for dryer repair in Vancouver.

We are confident we can make an accurate diagnosis and implement the best solution for your appliance, regardless of the purchase date. This depth of insight is one way we leverage our knowledge to serve customer needs best.

Frigidaire keeps life simple, especially when it comes to dryers. As of 2019, they offered two options. Both offer 6.7 cubic feet of storage capacity. The only difference is that one is gas and the other is electric.

That said, there are many serviceable makes and models of Frigidaire dryers still in operation. Even if you own a now-deceased version, Ash Appliances Repair can take care of any faults. That includes getting original parts straight from the manufacturer.

Get the professional dryer repair in Vancouver you need to make laundry day a breeze. Whether that means repairing thermostats, temperature switches, doors, or drums, Ash Appliances Repair has the knowledge and expertise you need.

Call now. Our technicians are ready.

GE makes laundry easy. GE dryers come in electric and gas models and include accessible features, such as stackable and portable dryers. They are even ADA compliant for people with disabilities.

Sometimes, even the best dryers succumb to old age. This fact of life may result in a loss of heat, longer drying times, and abrasion on your delicate fabrics. Ash Appliances Repair can lend a helping hand if any or all of these problems sound familiar.

Since our establishment, we have provided dryer repair in Vancouver to individuals in both residential and commercial units. We take pride in offering the highest standard of repairs available with our signature accuracy and precision. As long as you own and operate a GE dryer, we can fix it.